Inaugural lecture by Anders Madsen

Coherent X-ray radiation. What is it good for?

Novel synchrotron X-ray sources and X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) facilities in the billion euro class are in operation or under construction in Europe, Asia, and north America. In the lecture, I will discuss scattering and imaging experiments with coherent X-ray radiation and why sources with better and better coherent properties are so much wanted in the world today. Examples of applications in physics, chemistry, and biology are given. Particularly XFELs, which combine excellent coherent properties with ultra-short (femto-second) pulsed beams, bring new revolutionary opportunities to investigate fast dynamics of matter at atomic length scale.

The European XFEL, which opened for experiments in 2017, is located in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and delivers today the world’s most powerful X-ray laser beams.