NBIA Colloquium: Peter Ditlevsen – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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NBIA Colloquium: Peter Ditlevsen

Predictability in weather and climate problems: a tale of many timescales

Peter Ditlevsen

Weather predictions can be made for only a relatively short time into the future because of the chaotic nature of the system.  On the other hand, if the system is ergodic, one can obtain information about the statistics of the weather, either from simulations or from observations over a long time.  When it comes to climate, the matter is more fuzzy because of the long timescales associated with the oceans.  From analysis of ice cores, one finds that in the past there have been extremely rapid changes in climate and an important question is whether it is possible to predict such events.  I shall describe the important timescales and I conclude that our ability to predict when rapid climate changes will occur is limited.

Peter Ditlevsen did his undergraduate studies in mathematics and theoretical physics at the University of Copenhagen and he obtained his Ph. D. from the Technical University of Denmark in 1991 working on theoretical solid state physics.  His interests subsequently turned to problems of climate and since 2000 he has had a permanent position at NBI working in this area.  He received the Dr. Scient. degree in 2004 for his thesis entitled "Turbulence and Climate Dynamics".

Refreshments will be served in the NBIA lounge after the talk.  All are welcome!