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MSc defense: David Damgaard

Scattering  Amplitudes for Strings and Particles

This thesis studies the intersection between string theory amplitudes and quantum field theory amplitudes through the use of the CHY formalism. We give a concise introduction to the field of string theory amplitudes with a focus on how to construct and evaluate the hypergeometric integrals present in the description. We discuss different methods of expressing different CHY-integrands in terms of each other, which allows for evaluation of any tree-level process using diagrammatic rules. Two methods of calculating string theory amplitudes in the infinite tension limit, by way of employing effective contact terms, are presented and compared. In particular, we discuss how to evaluate the 4, 5, and 6-point superstring amplitude using the methods laid out in this thesis.

Supervisor: Emil Bjerrum-Bohr
Examiner: Henrik Johansson (Uppsala University)