12. november 2020

Process specialist/process engineer in Nanofabrication to the Niels Bohr Institute

Process specialist:

The clean room facility at the Niels Bohr Institute seeks an innovative candidate for a technical position as process specialist/process engineer in Nanofabrication for a fixed-term position.

Process specialist/process engineer in Nanofabrication to the Niels Bohr Institute

The focus of the research and innovation is mainly driven by The Center for Quantum Devices (Q-Dev) www.qdev.dk a basic research center supported by the Danish National Research Foundation, involving coordinated activity in materials growth, processing, characterization, and nanoscale fabrication.  

The position
The candidate will join the department’s existing team of lab technicians and engineers. The tasks within the position are among others to develop processes in close collaboration with researchers and students allowing the fabrication of novel nanostructures for basic and applied research in electronics and other nanodevice applications. This will require the integration of multiple tools and methods, as well as the development of new nanofabrication methods.  

The candidate is expected to contribute within the following areas:

  • Supervise and train researchers, postdocs and students and other technical staff.
  • Developing state of the art processes within areas such as Electron Beam Lithography, UV-Lithography, Physical Vapor Deposition, and Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Manage technical collaborations with research teams for the development of the nanofabrication facility
  • Maintain and trouble-shoot research equipment in collaboration with technical staff and run regular calibration procedures on the tools
  • Share responsibilities for tools and processes with other members of the technical staff

We are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic candidate with the following competencies and experience:

  • Candidates should have a MSc or PhD degree in Electrical engineering or Physics or an equivalent relevant degree.
  • An in-depth understanding of laboratory safety, and experience with hazardous tools and materials associated with nanofabrication facilities is required.
  • Thorough knowledge about nanofabrication procedures with emphasis on electron beam lithography preferably using Elionix and Raith tools and skills necessary to design the entire fabrication process.
  • Experience with device and materials characterization/imaging tools such as scanning probe and electron microscopy.
  • Have knowledge about a broad spectrum of nanofabrication methods, semiconductor physics, electronics, physics, mechanical and electrical engineering.
  • Have clean room experience.

Deadline for applications is 14 December 2020, 23.59 GMT +1.

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