PhD students Cand. scient. students

PhD students

  • Guillermo S. Moreno Pescador 
    'Membrane protein dynamics studied with optical and thermoplasmonic methods in complex and simple membranes' (April 2019)
  • Ann-Katrine Vransø West 
    'Investigation of cancer cell dynamics during division and migration' (January 2018)
  • Christine Ritter 
    'Viscoelastic and dynamic properties of embryonic stem cells' (January 2017)
  • Azra Bahadori 
    'Fusion of selected cells and vesicles mediated by optically trapped plasmonic nanoparticles' (May 2016)
  • Younes F. Barooji 
    'Physical characterization of phospholipid nanotubes and teh effect of BAR domain proteins on their mechanical stability' (June 2015)
  • Dino Ott 
    'Photodiode Based Detection for Multiple Trap Optical Tweezers' (June 2015)
  • Kamilla Nørregaard
    'Physics Based Investigations of DNA supercoiling & of plasmonic nanoparticles for photothermal cancer therapy' (March 2015)
  • Henrik Klingberg
    'Endothelial barrier interactions wiht nanomedicine-relevant particles in shear stress cell models' (September 2014)
  • Pia Cordsen
    Dynamics of Fibril Growth and Feedback Motifs (March 2014)

  • Anders Kyrsting
    'Using Focal Point Intensity Distributions to Track Nanoparticle Positions an Fibril Networks' (December 2013)

  • Haiyan Ma
    'Thermo-plasmonics of Irradiated Metallic Nanostructures' (November 2013)

  • Natascha Leijnse
    'Optical investigation of intra- and extra-cellular dynamics' (September 2013)

  • Ninna Struck Rossen
    'Optical Investigation of Endothelial Cell Motility' (August 2013)

  • Jesper Tholstrup Hansen
    'Physical and Functional Properties of messenger RNA Pseudoknots' (October 2012)

  • Marie D. Jordö
    'Optical studies of two biophysical model systems: Vesicle deformation and DNA localisation in yeast' (December 2010)

  • Fabian Czerwinski
    'Allan Variance Analysis and Fast Camera Detection Schemes for Optical Tweezers' (November 2010)

  • Liselotte Jauffred
    'Optical manipulation and biological applications of quantum dots' (May 2010)

  • Tabita Winther Ryder
    'Effect of energy metabolism and membrane structure on single lambda-receptor motility' (May 2009)

  • Andrew C. Richardson
    'Development of optical trapping techniques for in vivo investigations' (February 2009)

  • Thomas M. Hansen
    'Studies of translation, on the ensemble level using in vivo techniques and on the single molecule level using optical tweezers' (April 2008)

  • Mario Fischer
    'Optical tweezers in viscoelastic media' (December 2007)

  • Poul Martin Hansen
    'Cellular mechanics studied by novel nano-tools and reconstituted model systems' (March 2007)

  • Jakob Kisbye Dreyer
    (October 2004)

  • Simon Tolic-Nørrelykke
    (December 2002)

Cand. Scient. students

  • Helena Maria Dávidsdóttir Danielsen
    'Thermoplasmonically Induced Mechanisms of Drug Delivery and Annexin A5 Response' (July 2019)

  • Alexander Kamp Sonne
    'Trimeric Annexin 4 senses membrane curvature in isolated plasma membranes' (June 2019)

  • Dunya Sarmad Aswad
    'Molecular Repair Response to Thermoplasmonic Injury of the Plasma Membrane' (June 2019)

  • Iliriana Qoqaj
    'Membrane curvature sensing of the membrane repair protein annexin' (June 2019)

  • Luca Troise
    'A General and Efficient Method for Plasmonic-Induced Cell Fusion' (June 2018)

  • Mads Kasper von Borries
    'Physical Characterization of Matrigel - by optical tweezer experiments' (August 2017)

  • Bram Verhagen
    'Probing the mechanical properties of mouse embryonic stem cells' (August 2017)

  • Jes Nordberg Clausen
    'Photothermal Gene Regulation in Living Cells' (August 2017)

  • Kasper Graves Hvid
    'Construction of a single-molecule localization microscope and Airy beam light-sheet' (July 2017)

  • Yue He
    'Photothermal heating of agarose artificial tissue and brain tissue with gold nanoshells' (March 2017)

  • Christoffer Florentsen
    'Laser Induced Release of miRNA from Gold Nanoparticles' (March 2016)

  • Guillermo S. Moreno Pescador
    'Influence of flow angle on endothelial tissue migration' (September 2015)

  • Inna Karipidou
    'Correlation between embryonic stem cell differentiation and its cytoplasmic mechanical properties' (December 2015)

  • Chano T.A.V. Birkelind
    'Heat Induced Release of Cargo Molecules from Gold Nano Particles' (January 2015)

  • Thomas Andersen
    'Transient permeation induced by local melting of spherical membranes' (December 2013)

  • Ann-Katrine Vransø West
    'miRNA conjugated spherical gold nanoparticles' (October 2013)

  • Dan Kofoed
    'DNA-protein interaction studied at the single molecule level using tethered particle motion' (August 2012)

  • Rebecca Ettlinger
    'Investigating RNA pseudoknots using a double optical trap' (June 2012)

  • Kamilla Nørregaard
    'Single molecule studies reveal that DNA supercoiling sharpens the lambda-switch' (December 2011)

  • Emil B.L. Pedersen
    'Particle Tracking Energy Microscopy' (November 2011)

  • Christian Stokholm Poulsgaard
    'Examining the interaction between DNA and carbon nanoparticles using single molecule techniques' (August 2011)

  • Salome Veshaguri
    'Single molecule activity studies on lipase enzymes provide a link between protein structure-function relationship' (August 2011)

  • Mette Eriksen
    'Activity of quantum dot bound T7 RNA polymerases' (August 2011)

  • Anders Kyrsting
    'Heat profiling of optically trapped gold nanoparticles using vesicle release' (August 2010)

  • Shahid A. Mir
    'Physical changes of nucleic acids induced by fullerenes' (March 2010)

  • Anders Rosengren
    'Thermal Fluctuations of Microtubules Networks' (March 2010)

  • Ninna S. Rossen
    'The effect of Arachidonic Acid on Endothellial Cell Motility' (January 2010)

  • Christian Vestergaard
    'Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Diffusion Coefficient of a Brownian Particle in the Presence of Measurement Error' (January 2009)

  • Maria Christiansen
    'Optical Studies of Membrane-Peptide Interactions' (July 2008)

  • Kim Mortensen
    'Localization Precision for Fluorescent Single Molecules' (March 2007)

  • Marie Domange Jordo
    'The temperature dependence of the elasticity of giant lipid vesicles: An optical tweezers, calorimetry, and confocal microscopy study' (February 2007)

  • Thomas Aabo
    'Optical Trapping and Metal Enhanced Fluorescence using Single Silver Nanoparticles' (January 2007)

  • Lana Bosanac
    'Optical Stretching of Snort DNA Tethers' (October 2006)

  • Dejan Trpcevski
    'Optical Stretching of DNA as a Diagnostic Tool in nanotoxicology' (August 2006)

  • Anja Lea Olsen
    'Opløsning af aktin-netvæk' (July 2006)

  • Karl Jørgensen
    'Motility and morphology of human dermal cells' (June 2006)

  • Sidse K.T. Pedersen
    'Cells as sensors for biomedical surface engineering' (June 2006)

  • Liselotte Jauffred
    'An investigation of elastic bacterial tethers with optical tweezers' (April 2006)

  • Tom Weber
    'Combined two-photon fluorescence and optical trapping' (February 2006)

  • Heidi Lentge
    'Konstruktion og afprøvning af en optisk pincet' (May 2005)

  • Vikram Kjøller Bhatia
    'Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles, synthesis, optical trapping, and introduction in living cells' (October 2004)

  • Mette Bredmose Rasmussen
    'A Single Molecule Study of DNA-Protein Interactions' (April 2004)

  • Poul Martin Hansen
    'Colloid-Wall Interactions Studied with Video Microscopy and Optical Tweezers' (November 2003)

  • Emilia-Laura Munteanu
    'Mechanics of living cells. An intracytoplasmic study of the fission yeast cytoskeleton' (June 2003)

  • Veronica Hvass
    'Simulations of the lambda-switch' (January 2003)

  • Jakob Svagin
    'Optical Study of Enzyme Activity on a Lipid Surface' (2002)

  • Jakob Kisbye Dreyer
    'A single molecule study by optical trapping and single particle tracking' (June 2001)