Physics video tutorials – Niels Bohr Institutet - Københavns Universitet

Physics videos appropriate for Danish Gymnasium Fysik A, B and some C. They are also for anyone interested in physics. In the videos, we discuss the following:

1. Mechanics: motion in a straight line, accelerated motion, forces, Newton’s laws, energy, momentum, power and circular motion.
2. Thermal Physics: heat, temperature, thermal energy, internal energy, phases of matter, mole, Avogadro's number, specific heat capacity, evaporation, specific latent heat, phase changes, pressure, ideal gas law, isobaric, isothermal, isochoric processes.
3. Waves: transverse and longitudinal waves, wave characteristics (period, amplitude, wavelength), how speakers work, electromagnetic spectrum (visible light, x rays, gamma rays, infrared, etc), breaking the sound barrier, reflection and refraction, diffraction, constructive and destructive interference, superposition of waves, noise cancelling headphones, simple harmonic motion, damping, resonance.
4. Astrophysics: our solar system, how stars work, distances to stars and galaxies, the Big Bang model, development of the universe, nucleosynthesis, expanding space, dark energy and Hubble’s law. We also discuss dark matter, astrobiology, exoplanets (how we detect planets around other stars), and how to weigh a black hole.
5. Astrobiology (the search for life on other planets): what we are made of, how the elements were created, definition of life, history of life on Earth, rare Earth hypothesis, panspermia, abiogenesis, what we are looking for, habitable zone, star types, what aliens might look like, how life may have started on Earth, our search for life in our own solar system, exoplanets (how we detect them, what the results are so far), detecting life and aliens, what are UFOs, Drake equation, SETI, what happens if we detect life on another planet?