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19. januar 2017

Private foundations now offer new opportunities aimed at the natural sciences

Many of the larger Danish private foundations have made changes to their strategies lately, which means they now have more calls targeted the natural sciences.  This fits well with the strategy of the faculty (and KU) looking to increase its focus on grants from private foundations, to keep being able to finance significant parts of their research activities.

Most of the private foundations have a lot of money to distribute to finance research and to more strategic focus areas, and with the new grant types, the possibility for SCIENCE researchers to receive grants has increased. Therefore, we will strongly encourage you to get an overview of the opportunities of the different foundations and apply to all relevant calls. SCI-FI is always happy to help, both with regards to identifying relevant calls and with the actual application procedure. All calls will be published on the Researcher portal.

Grant opportunities

The VILLUM foundation launched their new research strategy earlier this year. The result was that programmes such as VILLUM projects and postdoc have been shut down and two new programmes have been added to the list: VILLUM Investigator, which had a deadline earlier this year, and VILLUM Experiment, with a first time deadline, in the beginning of 2017.

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The Novo Nordisk foundation increases their 2017 budget profoundly to support more research projects. They still stick to supporting biomedical research, but are gradually opening up towards funding areas within biotechnology as well as research fields within the natural sciences, that leads to biomedical or biotechnological research. This is also visible in the fund’s thematic programmes Synergy and Challenge where the fund allocates several grants for each call. Read more about the Novo Nordisk Foundation


Even though the Lundbeck Foundation is known for supporting health science, the fund has, especially within the last year, broadened their focus research areas related to health science, which contributes to a greater extent in making new ground breaking discoveries with regards to new knowledge about better treatments. This means, that the Lundbeck foundation is very interested in technical and natural scientific research that addresses the problem areas of health science.

In 2017, the Lundbeck foundation will strive towards strengthening its strategic grants with a new programme Thematic calls , which holds great potential for SCIENCE researchers.

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Get inspiration from people who have received grants earlier

Even though many of the private foundations primarily focus on research within the health sciences, the fact is that many SCIENCE-researchers receive grants from funds that are traditionally more oriented toward health science. Get inspired and read about some of the many researchers from SCIENCE, who have received grants from the following foundations:

Information meeting held by the Novo Nordisk foundation

On the 1st of March, the Novo Nordisk Foundation will host an information meeting at SCIENCE, where they will provide information on their new calls, of which many of them are relevant for researchers at SCIENCE.

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