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Midterm Colloquium by Mille Lærke Nielsen

Moon´s Magnetic Field


The presentation will consist of two parts.

Since the Apollo missions in 1969-1972 it has been known that the moon has had an ancient magnetic field. Scientists have tried to explain how a lunar magnetic field can be generated, how long it lasted and why it disappeared, in order to explain the dynamos of smaller objects, such as asteroids and larger bodies, such as planets. During the last three years two different models of an ancient core dynamo have been developed. Both models explain how a core dynamo could have existed 4.2-2.7 Gyr ago. Unfortunately, the study of lunar rock samples do not fit the models. In the first part of the midterm presentation I will present the two models and discuss why some samples do not fit the two models.

In part two of the presentation the focus will be on three new, global, internal magnetic field models of the moon. The maps have the highest resolution of the surface magnetic field on the moon available to date. The three models will be briefly described and compared.