Midterm Colloquium by Mark Peter Owen Falkenberg – Niels Bohr Institutet - Københavns Universitet

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Midterm Colloquium by Mark Peter Owen Falkenberg

Land deformation in coastal cities measured by satellite.

I will describe the procedure needed to produce land deformation maps using satellite images. Deformation maps made using satellite data give a very detailed view of the topographical movement in a specific area of interest. This is because the amount of data gathered by this method far exceeds eg. GPS based leveling. With many more data points, areas that have never previously been measured by GPS can now come into play.

In the following I will describe the equipment used for radar imaging as well as the satellites used. I will go through the theory behind SAR and InSAR, along with data access and processing steps for said data. As the results of this project have been made possible by the combination of several open-source software packages, I will go through these along with their functionality.

The main focus will be on the Copenhagen area. I will however mention Esbjerg and Skagen, as these areas are planned to be included in the final result. Finally, I will conclude by comparing my results up till now with GPS data from the same areas.