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Midterm Colloquium by Asta Hannesdottir

The boundary-layer height in Høvsøre determined by data from a ceilometer

The boundary-layer height (BLH) is a fundamental parameter for the evaluation of the wind speed profile, particularly important at heights where large wind turbines are being placed. It is also an essential parameter in atmospheric transport- and dispersion models.

Aerosols are mixed from the surface through the boundary-layer, as it is a region of turbulent mixing. It is possible to determine the BLH by identifying a sharp decrease in aerosol backscatter, since boundary-layer air generally has a higher aerosol concentration than air immediately above. This may be done by investigating data from a ceilometer, which is a LiDAR (light detection and ranging) device that gives information of the backscatter profile through the atmosphere.

At this midterm colloquium I will give an introduction to the boundary-layer at Høvsøre in the west of Jutland. Data from a ceilometer and a wind LIDAR will be used to show the daily evolution of the BLH in the area.