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Midterm Colloquium by Christian Eistrup

"Gravitational microlensing of stars in the Milky Way bulge.

Gravitational microlensing is a method for detecting stars and planets, utilizing the curvature of space time described by general relativity. It is used, e.g. for indirect detection of exoplanets around lens stars. Although dependent on the chance of alignment of a light source and a lens with respect to the Earth (which is rare), this method has the advantage as compared to e.g. the radial velocity -and the transit method for detecting exoplanets that it is not biassed towards detecting Jupiter-sized exoplanets in close orbits around their host stars. That makes gravitational microlensing potentially ideal for detection of Earth-sized exoplanets in Earth-like orbits.

During my Master's Thesis, I have worked on data from the OGLE III-project, analyzing more than 5000 microlensing events observed towards the Milky Way bulge. I this colloquium, I will describe my analysis so far, including the pitfalls I have encountered. I will present my preliminary results, including a rough prediction of the possible number of microlensing events to be observed, when future better telescopes and instruments will become available.

A discussion will follow afterwards"