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Quantum Optics Seminar by Diego Martin-Cano

The transversal electric field confinement of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs), at sizes much smaller than the free-space wavelength, is well known for enhancing the electromagnetic interaction of quantum emitters. Such sub-wavelength electromagnetic confinement has also motivated the research of plasmonic waveguides (PWs) for fabricating highly-compact circuits that process the information all-optically, though special approaches are needed to exploit such potential due to their important propagation losses. Some of the most remarkable advances in circuit processing have been encouraged by quantum optics applications that combine the discrete character of the SPPs in those waveguides together with the implementation of quantum emitters [1{4].

The purpose of this talk is to show non-classical relevant phenomena involved in the interaction between quantum emitters mediated by sub wavelength confined one-dimensional PWs at optical wavelengths. In particular, we focus on the resonance energy transfer between emitters and on super and sub radiance phenomena [5] that lead to the generation of entanglement between two separated qubit emitters [6].


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