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Masters Thesis Defence by Anne Lysgaard

Abstract: The current climate changes are of great importance to the population on Earth. The influence of the global warming on everyday life is not to be ignored. Several consequences of the rising global mean temperature are expected, one is that there will be an increase in the occurrence of extreme precipitation events in the extra-tropics.
It is of great interest to study to what extent such extreme precipitation events can
be seen in standard meteorological forecast models.

In the thesis, the approach will be: A comparison of measured precipitation amounts
including information on extreme events and precipitation data obtained from the
ECMWF re-analyses ERA-40 and ERA-Interim.

Measured data from five meteorological stations located in the Northern Europe
over a period of approximately 50 years is held up against the re-analyses of the same
time span.

The precipitation in the re-analysis is not calculated by assimilating observed precipitation
measurements, but is calculated with the atmospheric model using other
standard meteorological observations such as temperature, humidity and wind.