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A list of the people presently affiliated with the group as well as past members of the group .

The group picture from May 2013. People from left to right (and top to bottom): Jürgen, Andersm Eva, MIchael, Jean-Baptiste, Andreas (w. sunglasses), Daniel, Anne, Jörg, Stefan, Eugene, Willi, Yeghishe, Heng, Georgios, William, Andi, Heidi, Albert and last but not least Tolga.


Current members:

Previous members:

Our lovely group.

Group picture from February 2013. From the left Andi, Filip, Jörg, Stefan, Daniel, Heidi, Johannes, Eva, Petru, Heng, William, Eugene, Koji, Jürgen, Emil, Tolga, Anders, Jean-Baptiste, Andreas (kneeling), Albert, Gorgios, Anne, and Misha.  Names in italic are from other groups.

The group picture from April 2010. From the left Eugene, Andreas, Jelmer, Jean-Baptiste, Tolga, Jonas, Kasper, Axel, Nir, Jörg, Franziska, Jürgen, Hanna, Daniel and Koji.

The group picture from April 2009. From the left Daniel, Tolga, Bo, Nir, Eugene, Wojciech, Jelmer, Hanna, Rodolphe, Jörg, Franziska, Jürgen, Anne, and Ahmed.

This group picture is from April 2008. From the left Eugene, Thomas, Jürgen, Oxana, Rodolphe, Ulrich, Jonatan, Jonas, Jörg, Martijn, Daniel, Anders, Andrew, Patrick, Dirk, Hanna, Michael, Mads, Franziska, Bo and Niels.

This group picture is from October 2006 with Eugene, Hiroki, Jonas, Patrick, Andrew, Hanna, Anders, Jörg, Christina, Arnt Inge, Kasper, Lukas, Rasmus, Niels, Daniel and Bo.

This group picture is from April 2005 with Andrew, Daniel, Anders, Carlos, Rasmus, Plamen, Christina, Martin, Jonas, Jacob, Bo, Niels, Charlotte, Jörg, Christian, and Eugene.

The pionering group as they make the move from Aarhus to Copenhagen. From left to right Brian Julsgaard, Jacob Sherson, Plamen Petrov, Daniel Oblak, Carlos Garrido Alzar, Jörg Helge Müller, and Eugene Polzik. In the front on the lawn it is our Squeezing setup.