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20 August 2009

The statue of Hans Christian Ørsted

Ørstedparken, Nørre Voldgade

The statue of Hans Christian Ørsted 

This park is named after the two Ørsted brothers, Hans Christian (1777-1851) and Anders Sandøe (1778-1860), politician and lawyer.

In the park, which is a part of the old city ramparts and includes part of the moat as a lake, there are many sculptures and monuments.

The statue of Hans Christian Ørsted by J. A. Jerichau (1876) is on a mound facing Nørre Voldgade and can be seen from there. At the base of the plinth there are statues of three Norns, goddesses of fate, looking peaceful and resigned. The plinth alone is four meters tall, and Ørsted is giant-sized.

The statue was erected in connection with the establishment of the Carlsberg Foundation in 1876.

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