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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Ahlers, Markus TobiasAssistant professor  +45 353-28089E-mail
Ambjørn, JanProfessor  +45 353-25298E-mail
Armas, Jácome Saldanha N d O B   E-mail
Benincasa, PaoloAssistant professor Assistant professor +45 353-30576E-mail
Bianchi, Marco StefanoPostdoc  +45 353-26045E-mail
Bjerrum-Bohr, EmilAssociate professor  +45 20 56 53 28E-mail
Bourjaily, Jacob LewisAssistant professor   E-mail
Bourjaily, Jacob LewisAssistant professor   E-mail
Brivio, IlariaPostdoc   
Broglia, Ricardo AmericoVisitor   
Bustamante, MauricioPostdoc  +45 353-34778E-mail
Christensen, Per RexAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25213E-mail
Coumbe, Daniel NathanPostdoc  +45 353-32714E-mail
Damgaard, Poul HenrikProfessor  +45 353-25376E-mail
Denton, Peter BennertPostdoc  +45 353-35634E-mail
di Vecchia, PaoloProfessor emeritus  +45 353-25390E-mail
Durakovic, AmelPhD student   E-mail
Døssing, ThomasAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25257E-mail
Grosvenor, Kevin John TorresPostdoc  +45 353-32636E-mail
Harmark, TroelsAssociate professor, head of section  +45 23 29 89 04E-mail
Helset, AndreasPhD fellow  +45 26 28 05 07E-mail
Huang, XiaoyuanPostdoc  +45 353-33255E-mail
Jackson, Andrew D.Professor emeritus  +45 353-25232E-mail
Jiang, YunPostdoc  +45 353-32970E-mail
Komargodski, Zohar   
Koskinen, D. JasonAssistant professor  +45 21 28 90 61E-mail
Kristjansen, Charlotte FløeProfessor  +45 353-25381E-mail
Larson, Michael JamesPhD student   E-mail
McGady, David AlexanderPostdoc  +45 353-32564E-mail
Menculini, LorenzoPhD student   E-mail
Nasselski, PavelProfessor  +45 24 94 25 99E-mail
Nielsen, Holger Frits BechProfessor emeritus  +45 353-25259E-mail
Obers, Niels Anne JacobProfessor  +45 353-25211E-mail
Olesen, PoulProfessor emeritus  +45 353-25377E-mail
Orselli, Marta   E-mail
Patil, SubodhAssistant professor  +45 353-31183E-mail
Pethick, C. J.Professor emeritus  +45 353-25226E-mail
Rameez, MPostdoc   E-mail
Sanchioni, MarcoPhD student   E-mail
Sarkar, SubirProfessor  +45 353-25225E-mail
Stick, Line BjerregaardPhD student   E-mail
Tamborra, IreneAssociate professor  +45 353-33227E-mail
Tranberg, Anders   
Trott, Michael RobertAssistant professor  +45 30 44 97 91E-mail
Ulfbeck, Ole CarstenAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25258E-mail
Vardinghus, Kasper EngelPhD fellow   E-mail
Vasudevan, AnaghaPhD fellow  +45 353-31719E-mail
Vieira Machado, MeeraPhD fellow   E-mail
von Hippel, Matthew Hans BenjaminPostdoc  +45 353-28280E-mail
Walk, LauriePhD fellow   E-mail
Wilhelm, MatthiasPostdoc   E-mail
Wintergerst, NicoPostdoc  +45 353-33285E-mail
Yan, HaopengPhD student  +45 353-26082E-mail
Zarembo, KonstantinProfessor