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Technical staff and IT at the Niels Bohr Institute

An employee list with name, position, phone number and e-mail. Employee Schedules can be divided into subdivisions or by staff categories and subcategories (VIP, TAP, etc..).

The names are linking to the individual employees profile with contact information (address, phone, office hours, etc..), Description of the work function (eg research, teaching, etc.) and possibly an image. In addition, there may be information as CV, list of publications, honorary, etc.

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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Andersen, Jeppe JønchElectronics engineer  +45 21 32 88 06E-mail
Andersen, Martin SkouSoftware developer  +45 353-37605E-mail
Bernt, Michael HeidePrecision mechanic  +45 353-20953E-mail
Bertelsen, HenrikEngineer  +45 353-25290E-mail
Boisen, AxelElectronics technician  +45 353-25279E-mail
Bouchikas, Jannis NikolasIT systems manager  +45 287-50452E-mail
Børsting, SørenSkilled worker, FU Skilled worker +45 353-32839E-mail
Børsting, SørenResearch technician Skilled worker +45 353-32839E-mail
Christensen, PiaIndustrytechnician apprentice   E-mail
Edslev, Mikkel KnudsenAssistant engineer  +45 24 80 52 17E-mail
Fagerlund, Jan HøxbroResearch technician  +45 353-37719E-mail
Hansen, Jimmy CaliResearch technician  +45 353-25437E-mail
Hedegaard, Thomas MatthiasResearch technician  +45 40 47 72 23E-mail
Jensen, Bent NeumannResearch technician  +45 353-20454E-mail
Jensen, Inger MargretheLaboratory technician  +45 353-20466E-mail
Jensen, Marianne LundLaboratory technician  +45 40 49 90 37E-mail
Jensen, Morten LiboriusResearch technician  +45 29 61 84 65E-mail
Justesen, Jan ThomasBSc Engineering  +45 353-26324E-mail
Lindahl, ArneBSc Engineering  +45 353-25016E-mail
Lund, MetteIT officer  +45 353-25346E-mail
Lütge, Rikke HelenaElectronics technician   E-mail
Markussen, Jørgen Knud HarryIndustrial technician apprentice   E-mail
Michaelsen, NielsAssistant engineer  +45 353-25936E-mail
Nielsen, Karl-EmilEngineer  +45 93 56 57 30E-mail
Nilsson, Björn StefanRetired senior staff  +45 353-25283E-mail
Nørregaard, PrebenMSc Engineering  +45 51 33 07 77E-mail
Oechsle, JanElectronics engineer  +45 21 17 91 78E-mail
Payami, NaderChemical process engineer  +45 353-20450E-mail
Sheldon, Simon GeoffreyEngineer Ice drilling, NEEM planning +45 353-20553E-mail
Sørensen, Anton NorupAcademic staff  +45 40 49 92 95E-mail
Sørensen, Claus BirgerEngineer  +45 353-20449E-mail
Søttrup, Christian UlrikSoftware developer  +45 30 44 53 38E-mail
Urkedal, Petter AlbrektSenior adviser  +45 353-25361E-mail
Wistisen, Dennis WestphalResearch technician  +45 353-25952E-mail
Wäänänen, AndersSenior executive adviser  +45 353-25301E-mail