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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Andersen, Susanne MunkAcademic employee   E-mail
Blunier, ThomasProfessor Gas lab +45 353-20584E-mail
Botta, FilippoResearch assistant  +45 50 11 67 87E-mail
Capron, EmiliePostdoc  +45 353-33192E-mail
Chrillesen, Ellen EmmeLaboratory technician Group secretary +45 353-20551E-mail
Christensen, Jens HesselbjergProfessor  +45 353-35658E-mail
Ciobanu, Viorela GabrielaPostdoc Gaslaboratorium +45 353-20627E-mail
Cook, ElizaPostdoc  +45 353-34426E-mail
Cuffey, Kurt   E-mail
Dahl-Jensen, DortheProfessor Centre leader, ice flow modelling +45 353-20556E-mail
Ditlevsen, PeterAssociate professor Climate modelling +45 353-20603E-mail
Gkinis, VasileiosPostdoc  +45 60 63 52 97E-mail
Grinsted, AslakAssociate professor Ice flow modellinmg  E-mail
Hasselgren, Stefan DahlStudent assistant  +45 353-33953E-mail
Hillerup, Jens ChristianResearch assistant  +45 353-36078E-mail
Holme, Christian TerkelsenPhD fellow   E-mail
Hvidberg, Christine SchøttAssociate professor  +45 353-20563E-mail
Kirk, MarieLogistics coordinator  +45 353-31320E-mail
Kjær, Helle AstridPostdoc  +45 353-20629E-mail
Koldtoft, IbenPhD student  +45 42 47 47 01E-mail
Langen, Peter Lang   
Larsen, Lars BergLogistics coordinator  +45 353-20520E-mail
Liisberg, Jesper BaldtzerPhD fellow  +45 353-37658E-mail
Lohmann, Johannes JakobPhD fellow   E-mail
Maffezzoli, NiccoloPhD student  +45 23 86 26 37E-mail
Nisancioglu, Kerim Hestnes  +479809414
Nisancioglu, Kerim HestnesVisiting Professor   E-mail
Nyman, Karl Hans MikaelPhD student  +45 28 84 13 94E-mail
Pedersen, Rasmus AnkerPostdoc  +45 353-31684E-mail
Pedro, Joel BenjaminPostdoc Paleoclimate data - model integration +45 30 45 00 77E-mail
Popp, Trevor JamesLaboratory coordinator  +45 353-34011E-mail
Poulsen, Mads BruunPhD student  +45 40 81 07 79E-mail
Rasmussen, Sune OlanderAssociate professor Associate professor  E-mail
Rasmussen, Sune OlanderAssociate professor   
Rathmann, Nicholas MossorPhD fellow   E-mail
Ringgaard, Ida MargrethePhD fellow  +45 353-34871E-mail
Simonsen, Marius FoldenResearch assistant  +45 50 71 59 06E-mail
Steen-Larsen, Hans ChristianPostdoc   E-mail
Steffensen, Jørgen PederProfessor EGRIP planning, ice core stratigraphy +45 353-20557E-mail
Svensson, AndersAssociate professor Ice core stratigraphy, chemistry lab. +45 353-20616E-mail
Vallelonga, Paul TravisAssociate professor Continuous flow analysis +45 353-20043E-mail
Venkatesh, JananiLaboratory assistant   E-mail
Vinther, Bo MøllesøeAssociate professor Associate professor +45 353-20518E-mail
Vladimirova, DianaPhD fellow  +45 353-37509E-mail
Vudayagiri, SindhuPostdoc  +45 353-34182E-mail
Wahl, SonjaLaboratory assistant   E-mail
Wouters, JeroenPostdoc  +45 353-26315E-mail
Ørum, Niels OleLaboratory assistant   E-mail