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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Abouzeid, Ossama Sherif AlexanderPostdoc   E-mail
Bajic, MilenaPhD fellow  +45 353-34696E-mail
Bearden, IanProfessor with special responsibilities  +45 353-37626E-mail
Bierlich, Christian   E-mail
Boiarska, IrynaPhD fellow  +45 353-26491E-mail
Bourbeau, EtiennePhD fellow   E-mail
Bourjau, Christian AlexanderResearch assistant   E-mail
Bourjau, Christian AlexanderPhD student   E-mail
Bøggild, HansAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25286E-mail
Camplani, AlessandraPostdoc   E-mail
Cardona, CarlosPostdoc  +45 353-30747E-mail
Christensen, Christian HolmAssociate professor  +45 24 61 85 91E-mail
Cooper-Sarkar, Amanda Margaret   E-mail
Dam, MogensAssociate professor  +45 353-25385E-mail
de Almeida Dias, FlaviaPostdoc  +45 353-34043E-mail
Engelhardt, John RichardRetired senior staff   E-mail
Gaardhøje, Jens JørgenProfessor  +45 353-25309E-mail
Gajdosova, KatarinaPhD fellow  +45 353-31654E-mail
Galster, Gorm Aske Gram KrohnPhD fellow  +41764877269E-mail
Garzilli, AntonellaPostdoc   E-mail
Gulbrandsen, Kristjan HerlacheAssociate professor  +45 353-25351E-mail
Hagemann, Gudrun BertramAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25444E-mail
Hansen, Jørgen BeckAssociate professor  +45 353-25443E-mail
Hansen, Jørn DinesProfessor emeritus  +45 353-25293E-mail
Hansen, Peter HenrikProfessor  +45 353-25394E-mail
Herskind, BentAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25444E-mail
Herzog, FranzAssistant professor   
Iakubovskyi, DmytroPostdoc  +45 353-36429E-mail
Liu, HaoAssistant professor   
McLeod, Andrew JordanPostdoc   E-mail
Medici, Morten AnkersenPostdoc  +45 61 51 64 54E-mail
Michelsen, Christian StentoftPhD student  +45 353-26415E-mail
Michoustine, Igor   
Monk, James WilliamPostdoc   
Nielsen, Børge SvaneTechnical manager  +45 353-25433E-mail
Nielsen, DanielPhD fellow   E-mail
Pacik, VojtechPhD student   
Petersen, Henriette Aarup   E-mail
Petersen, Troels ChristianAssociate professor  +45 26 28 37 39E-mail
Pimentel, Lais Ozelin de LimaPhD student  +45 353-32426E-mail
Ruchayskiy, OlegAssociate professor  +45 353-33380E-mail
Sletten, GeirrAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25444E-mail
Stuttard, Thomas SimonPostdoc  +45 353-35461E-mail
Syvolap, VsevolodPhD fellow   
Tastet, Jean-LoupPhD fellow  +45 353-34412E-mail
Thiele, Fabian Alexander JürgenPhD fellow  +45 353-34146E-mail
Thoresen, FrejaPhD fellow   E-mail
Vislavicius, VytautasPostdoc  +45 353-37711E-mail
von Hausegger, Sebastian DomenicoPhD fellow  +45 50 20 09 80E-mail
Wiglesworth, GraigPostdoc   
Xella, StefaniaAssociate professor  +45 353-25329E-mail
Zhou, YouPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-31282E-mail
Zhou, YouPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-31282E-mail