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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Andersen, Amanda ØsterStudent  +45 353-26425E-mail
Bendix, Pól MartinAssociate professor Associate Professor +45 353-25251E-mail
Bolet, Asger Johannes SkjødePhD student  +45 26 36 24 26E-mail
Botta, FilippoPhD student  +45 50 11 67 87E-mail
Brown, StanleyPostdoc   E-mail
Brown, StanleyAssociate professor emeritus   E-mail
Ellegaard, Clive SigurdAssociate professor emeritus  +45 20 57 63 05E-mail
Engel, Mathias LøvgreenPhD student  +45 29 68 21 17E-mail
Eriksen, Rasmus SkyttePhD fellow   E-mail
Farhangibarooji, YounesPostdoc Post doc +45 353-30067E-mail
Florentsen, Christoffer DamPhD fellow  +45 22 94 10 45E-mail
He, YuePhD student   E-mail
Heimburg, Thomas RainerProfessor Associate professor +45 353-25389E-mail
Heltberg, Mathias LuidorPhD fellow  +45 353-35355E-mail
Henneberg, Olga CassandraPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-35207E-mail
Hertz, JohnProfessor emeritus  +45 353-25235E-mail
Himeoka, YusukePostdoc   E-mail
Hvid, Kasper GravesPhD student PhD student +45 353-32552E-mail
Härter, Jan Olaf MirkoAssociate professor  +45 93 56 57 36E-mail
Jauffred, LiselottePostdoc Post Doc +45 25 72 15 32E-mail
Jensen, Mogens HøghProfessor Professor +45 353-25371E-mail
Juul, Jonas SøgaardPhD fellow   E-mail
Jørgensen, Sune Lehmann   E-mail
Krishna, SandeepGuest lecturer   E-mail
Lautrup, Benny ElleyProfessor emeritus  +45 39203235 54431383E-mail
Leijnse, NataschaPostdoc PostDoc +45 93 95 77 03E-mail
Leijnse, NataschaPostdoc post doc. +45 353-35052E-mail
Levinsen, MogensAssociate professor emeritus Emeritus +45 353-25295E-mail
Linga, GautePhD fellow  +45 353-34694E-mail
Lövkvist, Cecilia Elisabet PhD student  E-mail
Mathiesen, JoachimAssociate professor Associate professor +45 353-25214E-mail
Mengel Pers, Anne BenedictePostdoc Postcoc +45 353-34878E-mail
Mitarai, NamikoAssociate professor  +45 353-25402E-mail
Moreno Pescador, Guillermo SergioPhD fellow  +45 353-32635E-mail
Nelson, David R   
Nielsen, Alexander ValentinPhD student  +45 21 23 01 31E-mail
Nielsen, Alexander ValentinPhD student   E-mail
Nissen, Silas BoyePhD student PhD student +45 21 86 20 25E-mail
Nissen, Silas BoyePhD student  +45 353-30976E-mail
Nodehi, Sedigheh Ghanbarzadeh   
Nousi, AimiliaLaboratory assistant   
Oddershede, Lene BroengProfessor Professor +45 24 94 25 34E-mail
Samadi, AkbarPostdoc  +45 353-32408E-mail
Sneppen, KimProfessor Professor +45 353-25352E-mail
Steenstrup, StigEmeritus Asoc. Professor Emeritus +45 353-25445E-mail
Svenningsen, Mikkel SkjoldanPhD student   E-mail
Svenningsen, Mikkel SkjoldanPhD student   E-mail
Tan, DemengPostdoc   E-mail
Trusina, AlaAssociate professor Associate professor +45 21 28 86 47E-mail
Uekermann, Florian PhilippPhD student  +45 50 17 98 51E-mail
von Borries, Mads KasperPhD fellow   E-mail
West, Ann-Katrine VransøPhD student PhD student +45 25 36 40 66E-mail
West, Ann-Katrine VransøPhD student PhD student +45 25 36 40 66E-mail
West, Ann-Katrine VransøResearch assistant PhD student +45 25 36 40 66E-mail