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Astrophysics and Planetary Science, Niels Bohr Institute

An employee list with name, position, phone number and e-mail. Employee Schedules can be divided into subdivisions or by staff categories and subcategories (VIP, TAP, etc..).

The names are linking to the individual employees profile with contact information (address, phone, office hours, etc..), Description of the work function (eg research, teaching, etc.) and possibly an image. In addition, there may be information as CV, list of publications, honorary, etc.

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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Artur de la Villarmois, ElizabethPhD fellow   E-mail
Benitez Llambay, PabloPostdoc   
Berlok, ThomasPhD student  +45 22 38 95 94E-mail
Brinch, ChristianAssistant professor  +45 353-34626E-mail
Buchhave, Lars A.Associate professor  +45 353-33291E-mail
Calcutt, HannahPostdoc   E-mail
Dib, Sami MarcelPostdoc  +45 353-20626E-mail
Do Carmo Fialho Mendonca, Joao MAssistant professor Assistant professor +45 353-37912E-mail
Fujii, YuriVisiting Researcher  +45 353-31251E-mail
Galsgaard, KlausAssociate professor  +45 353-25894E-mail
Grassi, TommasoPostdoc  +45 353-30014E-mail
Gressel, OliverAssistant professor  +45 353-25228E-mail
Haugbølle, TroelsAssociate professor  +45 353-21141E-mail
Heinemann, Tobias PeterAssociate professor  +45 353-34232E-mail
Hinse, Tobias Cornelius   E-mail
Høg, ErikAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25975E-mail
Jacobsen, Steffen KjærPhD fellow   E-mail
Jensen, Sigurd SigersenPhD student   E-mail
Jørgensen, Jes KristianAssociate professor  +45 353-24186E-mail
Jørgensen, Uffe GråeAssociate professor  +45 353-25998E-mail
Kinch, Kjartan MünsterAssociate professor   
Kinch, Kjartan MünsterAssociate professor  +45 353-20512E-mail
Knude, Jens KirkeskovAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25986E-mail
Krapp, Leonardo JavierPhD fellow  +45 353-32954E-mail
Kristensen, Lars EgstrømAssistant professor  +45 353-33299E-mail
Madsen, Morten BoAssociate professor  +45 353-20515E-mail
Manigand, Sebastien Ghislain SimonPhD fellow   E-mail
Mayo, Andrew WaynePhD student  +45 353-35734E-mail
Mendonca, JoaoAssistant professor Assistant professor  
Mogensen, Troels FrostholmResearch assistant Research assistant +45 60 72 96 25E-mail
Mohandas, GopakumarResearch assistant  +45 353-25335E-mail
Mohandas, GopakumarResearch assistant  +45 353-25335E-mail
Nauman, FarrukhPostdoc  +45 353-31132E-mail
Nauman, FarrukhPostdoc  +45 353-31132E-mail
Nordlund, ÅkeProfessor  +45 353-25968E-mail
Rasmussen, Per KjærgaardAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25986E-mail
Rasmussen, René TronsgaardPhD student   E-mail
Sørensen, MadsDouble degree student  +45 20 00 00 00E-mail
van der Wiel, Matthijs H DExternal  +45 353-37789E-mail
Vasileiadis, AristodimosPhD fellow   E-mail
Vaytet, NeilPostdoc  +45 353-31509E-mail
Weber, PhilippPhD fellow   E-mail