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Administrative staff at the Niels Bohr Institute

An employee list with name, position, phone number and e-mail. Employee Schedules can be divided into subdivisions or by staff categories and subcategories (VIP, TAP, etc..).

The names are linking to the individual employees profile with contact information (address, phone, office hours, etc..), Description of the work function (eg research, teaching, etc.) and possibly an image. In addition, there may be information as CV, list of publications, honorary, etc.

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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Algren, MalteStudent Student Assistant +45 353-28269E-mail
Andersen, Bente JuhlSenior adviser  +45 353-35840E-mail
Andersen, Sara Elisabeth DahlAttendant  +45 353-37110E-mail
Bang-Christensen, TinaSection secratary  +45 353-36248E-mail
Batista, Maria JoãoPersonal assistant (PA)  +45 93 56 52 51E-mail
Bech, Nina SanderSecretary  +45 353-25392E-mail
Behrens, Ann Sofie  +45 353-33253E-mail
Bentsen, MarianneGroup secretary  +45 353-25996E-mail
Berg, Ann Elisabeth GløyMasseur   
Bodova, ErikaReceptionist  +45 353-25310E-mail
Christensen, Anne HeleneAdministrative coordinator  +45 353-34914E-mail
Crestianov, DianaStudent  +45 50 18 54 78E-mail
Hansen, Julie MeierAdministrative staff  +45 353-34396E-mail
Henriksen, Sannie KristineProject finance administrator  +45 353-37616E-mail
Isaksen, SørenManagement associate   E-mail
Jacobsen, Vivian SlotProject finance administrator  +45 353-25245E-mail
Jensen, DennisAcademic Officer  +45 353-31449E-mail
Jensen, Peter FobianAcademic administrative officer  +45 353-35842E-mail
Johansen, UllaProject finance administrator  +45 353-35843E-mail
Kiilerich, HelleSecretary  +45 353-25227E-mail
Kohring, Pia LykkeSection secratary  +45 353-25210E-mail
Lerche, HenrietteOccupational health and safety and purchase coordinator  +45 51 29 83 37E-mail
Lindberg, Ulla DahlHR staff  +45 353-35844E-mail
Løkkegaard, Michelle CummingCentre coordinator  +45 353-25933E-mail
Magnusdottir, Jorunn MariaCoordinator  +45 93 56 56 03E-mail
Markussen, BenteSection secratary  +45 353-35845E-mail
Mejlsted, DortheProject finance administrator  +45 353-31512E-mail
Michelsen, GitteGroup secretary  +45 353-20438E-mail
Møller, KaareProject finance administrator  +45 353-35846E-mail
Møller-Uhl, AnetteResearch group secretary  +45 353-25355E-mail
Nielsen, Dorthe BjergskovCentre coordinator  +45 93 56 55 17E-mail
Nielsen, Tina BlaabergProcurement officer  +45 93 56 53 28E-mail
Nuding, ChristineSenior executive adviser  +45 353-33134E-mail
Olsen, BrianClerical officer  +45 353-26543E-mail
Rischel, Christian  +45 353-34452E-mail
Runge, GitteClerical officer  +45 353-20403E-mail
Rydahl, Rasmus BorumHead of Administration  +45 353-22016E-mail
Studsgård, AnetteAdministrative coordinator  +45 353-37870E-mail
Sørensen, Betina DamDepartment secretary  +45 353-25241E-mail
Thomsen, Jan WestenkærHead of department  +45 51 68 04 10E-mail
Toulouse, CorinneCentre administrator Centre coodinator +45 353-20619E-mail
Walløe, GrithSenior Executive Consultant  +45 353-25212E-mail
Walløe, GrithCoordinator  +45 353-25212E-mail
West, Stine StenfattAcademic secretary, programme administration  +45 353-35847E-mail
Þórðardóttir, Katrin Þórey HjorthCentre administrator  +45 21 55 29 75E-mail