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Henrik Klingberg

Henrik Klingberg


Medical treatments could be highly improved with much better effect and far less side effects if drugs are delivered exactly to the target organ. This is achievable by means of nanovectors, which are either artificial liposomes that can contain and retain the active drug inside or nanoparticles (NP; particles with a diameter in the nm range) that can carry the drug on the surface, inside or function as a drug by itself. The nanovectors have to navigate the membranes of cells which form the inner lining of all blood vessels (endothelial cells; ECs) in order to gain access to the target organ. This possible interaction with the nanovectors may also compromise essential functions of the cells with respect to growth and relaxation of the vessels as well as protection against adhesion of white blood cells and blood clot formation.

We will use highly sophisticated methods assess these possible interactions such as optical tweezers, confocal imaging and advanced flow-models.

ID: 22970836