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Quantum Optics – QUANTOP

Teleportation works. Researchers have now proved that it is possible to transport ?something? from one place to another by means of a light beam. Information coded in quantum state is teleported by means of a light beam to gas atoms that store the information. 

The group Quantum Optics (QUANTOP) research the quantum mechanical interaction between atoms and light. It was nothing less than a world sensation when in October 2006 the research group managed to prove that teleportation works – that it is possible to transport ‘something’ from one place to another by means of a light beam. The experiment is the first example of teleportation where light is used to transport information, and where an atomic cloud that contains billions of caesium atoms is used to store information.

Teleportation is one of the most important building stones of the future quantum communication network, and it will revolutionise the communication with computers. The information is coded in a quantum state that can contain much more information than the present systems. Another important property is that information coded in quantum super states in principle is totally secure.

Quantum mechanical properties of photons are one of the group’s research projects. By getting a source of light to send out single-photons regularly one can ‘hide’ the photon in an atomic cloud, and thus its information can be used for quantum cryptography in the super computers of the future.

Cold atoms and ultra cold atoms are other research areas that can be used to ‘store’ light conditions in an atomic cloud and prepare it for ultra accurate precision measuring. The research group works with both experimental and theoretical research.

The theoretical research at Quantop is mainly directed towards developing novel methods for processing information stored in quantum states of atoms and solid state systems. In particular the research aims at developing methods for transmitting 'quantum information' over large distances, and in methods to transfer information between atoms and light. Furthermore theories for ultra cold atoms are also being developed.

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