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Troels BlumTroels Blum

A thesis submitted October 2015 for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and defended January 4, 2016.

The PhD School of Science
Faculty of Science
Niels Bohr Institute, eScience, University of Copenhagen

Brian Vinter

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Automatic Parallelization of Scienti Application

In this thesis I introduce, Bohrium, a runtime-system for mapping vector operations onto a number of different hardware platforms, from simple multi-core systems to clusters and GPU enabled systems. In order to make efficient choices Bohrium is implemented as a virtual machine that makes runtime decisions, rather than a statically compiled library, which is the more common approach. In principle, Bohrium can be used for any programming language but for now, the supported languages are limited to Python, C++ and the .Net framework, e.g. C# and F#..

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