2004 – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Niels Bohr Institute > Research > PhD theses 2016 > 2004

Charged Pion and Kaon Production in Central Au+Au Collisions (Djamel Ouerdane)
Coexistence of Magnetic and Superconducting Order in the High-Tc Materials (Brian Møller Andersen)
Complex Patterns: Diffusion, Fracture and Fragmentation (Joachim Mathiesen)
Electric and Magnetic Properties of Ultra Thin (Ga,Mn)As Epilayers (Brian Skov Sørensen)
High pT Charged Hadron Production at RHIC (Claus O. E. Jørgensen)
Interactions and Detection of R-Hadrons (Aafke Christine Kraan)
Investigations of colloidal interactions and biomolecular interactions with optical tweezers and atomic force microscopy (Jakob Kisbye Dreyer)
Neutron diffraction studies of magnetic ordering in superconducting ErNi2B2C (Katrine Nørgaard Toft)
Quantum gravity, effective fields and string theory (Niels Emil Jannik Bjerrum-Bohr)
Spin polarised tunnelling in magnetic semiconductor structures (Søren Erfurt Andresen)
Structural characterization of multi-lamellar lipid bilayers and lipid/tri-block copolymer systems by small-angle neutron and x-ray scattering (Torben Ishøy)
THE LASER DUST DETECTOR - a strategy for in-situ dust detection in planetary ice sheets (Claus Tilsted Mogensen)
X-ray Studies of Galaxies and Galaxy Systems (Jesper Rasmussen)