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News on Astronomy in 2009

Space travel to distant galaxies

23 October 2009

Space travel to distant galaxiesIs it possible to travel with a spaceship to a distant galaxy, located millions of light years out in the universe, and then travel back to the Earth again? Yes, theoretically, says the Australian astrophysicist, Berian James, who has...

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The Earth´s oceans were formed by water from comets

04 September 2009

The Earth´s oceans were formed by water from cometsComets filled with ice and not stony asteroids bombarded the Earth and Moon 3,85 billion years ago and made the craters on the Moon and the Earth´s oceans, according to new research by astronomer Uffe Gråe Jørgensen from...

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Danish star research achieves stardom

24 August 2009

Read the article: Danish star research achieves stardomThe astronomical catalogue, the Tycho-2 catalogue, which contains the positions, motions and luminosity of the brightest 2,5 million stars in the sky, is one of the most used astronometric catalogues in the world...

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The longest total solar eclipse of the century

12 August 2009

Read the article: The longest total solar eclipse of the centuryWitnessing a total solar eclipse is a privilege that not everyone gets the opportunity to experience. You will never forget the experience, as the moon with unbelievable precision glides in between the Sun and the Earth...

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