Meet us – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen


The Niels Bohr Institute has a very open atmosphere, and there are numerous activities where students from primary or secondary education as well as the general public can experience the world of physics and the physicists. These pages are only available in Danish.

Theme Day for teachers - inspiration for teaching >> 
Open House - Visit the home of any education offered at NBI >>
Visit for high school students - lectures, guided tours and exercises >>
Study Internship for high school students - lectures, guided tours and exercises
Student for a Day Follow a physics student for a day >>
Youth Laboratory - We will provide laboratories for secondary students >>
School Service - Laboratory experiments for 7th-10th graders in elementary school >>
Work Experience - For 9th grade students in danish elementary school >>
Science PlaygroupEnjoy funny physics experiments for everybody in all ages >>
Circus Naturally - Students will visit elementary school classes grade 3 to 10 >>
Niels Bohr Lectures - Public lectures in English with leading researchers >>
The Night of Culture - Experience the institute and its research >>