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In collaboration with the Royal Library of Copenhagen and the University of Copenhagen we offer students and employees connected with NBI access to a large number of online journals, books, and databases. In order to get access to these resources when connected to other networks, you need to be a registered user in REX - Go to REX here >>

On this page >> we wrote a short guide on how to register as a user in REX, whether you are an employee, a student, or a guest at the institute.

When you are connected to eduroam, be it through your work place or as a student, you will automatically have access to all e-ressources subject to our license. Searching for materials while connected to eduroam does not require any action in order to get access to them.

Whenever you connect to another network than eduroam, you will need your REX user to get access. Go to https:/ and login with your username and password.

Direct searches in REX

If you know the title, author, or likewise identifying information of what you are looking for, you can simply search for it in the search bar in REX. If the university has access to the material, it will appear in the search results, and you can get access by following the links.

Get library links directly in Google Scholar

Many students as well as employees at the institute search for literature through Google Scholar. You will, however, not be able to get access to all materials directly through Scholar, unless you create a connection to the library.

Gå to Google Scholar > Settings > Library Links > Search for "Kongelige Bibliotek" (Danish for "the Royal Library") in "Find library" > Make a normal search for an article in Google Scholar > KB results will appear in the right margin.

Use EZProxy (Chrome and Firefox extension)

Chrome: Go to settings > Extensions > Search for "ezproxy redirect" > Choose the extension from the supplyer "" > Go back to Settings again > Extensions > Activate/Enable EZProxy > Click "Options" > In "Select school" choose "Copenhagen University - The Royal Library".

EZProxy URL for the Royal Library is:$@

You are always welcome to request articles or materials via email, if you have trouble accessing a material. We respond no later than within a couple of work days.

What can you do on your own?

  • Make sure, Copenhagen University has access to the material.
  • Check under "details" (in REX searches) that your requested material is actually available within the access periods our license permits (e.g. some journals are only available in certain year intervals).
  • Make sure your browser is updated.
  • Allow cookies.
  • Allow SSL.
  • If you are using firewall, allow access through port 443.