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Stress in relation to studying

At some point during their education many students experience stress in relation to their studies. To manage your time between your education and spare time can be difficult. For most people there will be times where professional deadlines and social events coincide which may become a souce of concern.

Some stress can be positive and can even have a motivational effect on you; but when stress affects your academical performance or everyday it is no longer positive. The following advice isn't meant as a solution to stress but may help you to minimize stress when it comes to your studies.

  • Identify what stressed you. In many occasions stress manifests as a physical reaction before you even recognize feeling stressed. If you can learn to recognize these signals you can use it to identify a situation where you need to pay attention to how you push yourself.
  • Study right. It may sound harsh, but it is very important to consider how you study. Not all study techniques are suitable for any student or education. Try to work on and improve your study habits if you are unsuccesful with your old habits.
  • Break down assignments. Larger assignments can usually be broken into smaller tasks that are easier to manage. Try to make lists dividing larger tasks into smaller ones so it is easier to keep track of your progress.
  • Avoid pushing everything until last minute. Breaking down tasks into smaller ones won't help if you keep pushing everything until the last second. Find the time to take care of the smaller tasks by using a calendar or journal for instance.
  • Prioritise your tasks. Try to prioritise your tasks and study time so you can easier dispose of your time. Account for deadlines, exam dates and get a feel for what you should study and when you can relax.
  • Prioritise your off time. You should be able to keep up with your social life besides your studies. You need to be balanced in order to study and you won't be that if you neglect yourself in all other aspects of your life. Make sure you have time to see your family and friends or take care of your hobby.