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First Year Literature

During your first year you will be asked to buy a lot of books, and that can be an expensive experience. Luckily, Copenhagen University have online access for much of the literature you will need. Not all books are available online, so in this page we have collected links for those books that are. Remember, it is also possible to lend physical copies of most books at the library while stock lasts. Come by during office hours or contact us by mail or via Facebook.

Notice, that in order to get access to the books and to lend books at the NBI Library you need to register as user in REX (The Royal Library) - Go to the REX homepage here >>

Block 1

Indledende mekanik og relativitetsteori (Mek1)

Introduktion til matematik i naturvidenskab (MatIntroNat)

  • Tom Lindstrøm, Kalkulus, 4th edition, 2016
  • Tore August Kro, Funktioner af flere variable, 2012

Block 2

Videregående klassisk mekanik (Mek2)

Lineær algrebra i naturvidenskab (LinAlgNat)

  • Lineær Algebra, Lars Hesselholt og Nathalie Wahl

Block 3

Termodynamik og projekt (Termo)

  • Daniel V. Schroeder, An Introduction to Thermal Physics, First Edition, 2014

Matematik for fysikere (MatF)

Block 4

Elektromagnetisme (EM1)

Matematik for fysikere 2 (MatF2)