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Apps and websites

We have collected a series of applications for both computers as well as smartphones as well as links for websites which can be either fun or useful for your studies. Some of the apps cost money, but several of them are free. None of these applications are in any way mandatory or required for your studies. They are only meant as inspiration. By clicking the name of the app you will navigate to external websites.

Writing apps; Note taking

Notability (Mac)

A note taking program where you can draw, insert pictures, write text and share your notes with others. For instance when it comes to sketches and general quick notes it could be really useful.

Microsoft OneNote (free) (Mac, Windows, Android)

A note taking program which can be installed in several different units as well as can be shared online. There are many functions depending on your version of the program but the primary trait of OneNote that so many people enjoy is the ability to write anywhere in the document, creating folders and subpages and organizing your notes easily.

ShareLaTeX (free)

An online LaTeX resource. Through an interface in your browser you can write in LaTeX as usual. There are many online templates designed specifically for ShareLaTeX and there are many online forums where you can get help.

Overleaf (free)

Also an online LaTeX resource. Through an interface in the browser you can write in LaTeX as usual. There are many online templates designet specifically for Overleaf and there are many online forums where you can get help.

Study techniqus; Efficiency; Practical

Self Control (free) (Mac)

This program lets you "blacklist" or "whitelist" certain websites in order to limit your online access and let you focus on your work. You set a timer which cannot be terminated before the time is up.

Pocket (free) (iPhone/iPad, Android, browserextension)

Save online articles, websites, videos and several other formats to this app and read them later in offline mode (i.e. without any internet connection).

CamScanner (free) (iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone)

Use your phone to scan documents and create .pdf files. Furthermore use the app to syncronise files on different units.

Pomodoro One (free) (Mac, iPhone/iPad)

Timemanagement - divide your work into intervals seperated by shorter breaks. You decide the length of the intervals as well as the breaks and you can arrange to have a longer break after a certain set of intervals. A small alarm will sound after each interval and the app counts the number of completed intervals.

Flashcards+ (free) (iPhone/iPad)

Study using flashcards on your phone or tablet. You can use pictures for your cards so you don't have to write difficult equations or graphs on your unit. Through the program you can keep track of what cards you need to practice harder than others which lets you keep track of your progress easily.


Mendeley (free)

This program can be installed on several different kind of units (smartphone, computer, tablet) and it works for handling references as well as an academic social network through which you can collaborate with others online.

Endnote (subject to license)

Via EndNote a database is created where your references are kept. The program can be used to organize your work; you can create different folders for articles, projects and specific assignments. Furthermore you can comment on references, explaining them for when you're looking back at them in the future, and it is possible to save texts matching references. You decide what reference and citation technique you would like the bibliography in and EndNote can export the final list to several different formats (plain text, Rich Text Format, HTML or XML).

Zotero (free)

Zotero collects your references in a searchable interface and you can add many different types of files (pictures, screenshots, articles, websites, .PDF). Furthermore you can add notes and metadata to different references and you can add and organize available online material directly through your browser. It is also possible to import as well as export your bibliography in different formats (such as Word or LibreOffice) and reference formats.

BibTeX (free)

Mainly used in connection with LaTeX, but it can also be used with other programs such as Word to organize and manage references. BibTeX uses a simple text format.