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The Niels Bohr Institute Library is daily staffed by library assistant Kader Ahmad and student assistant Karen A. Voigt. If you need help, you can always contact us directly via We typically help both staff members and students with finding and accessing literature (physical and online), reference management, lending and returning, as well as registerring research. During the office hours, we are usually available for personal assistance.

Regarding other requests, please address:


Library assistant Kader Ahmad


Tel: +45 35 32 52 33

Dir: +45 51 31 98 75

Post address

Att: Biblioteket

Bygning C

Blegdamsvej 17

DK-2100 Copenhagen East

Ekstra information / Sidebar

Monday-Thursday 8:30-16:00
Friday 8:30-15:30
Tel. 51 31 98 75

With a KU ID card, the library and study places are open 24 hours.

Kader Ahmad

Library Assistant
Tel.: 5131 9875

Karen A. Voigt

MSc student at NBI
Student assistant