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Culture shock 26/4 - A delicious experiment

What is better for culture-bridging than sharing a tastebud experience? on this photo: 5 kids, 7 nationalities represented: 5 global citizens to be, all of them enjoying Tiramisu from Daniele (DARK) and Finnish-Cheesecake from Tarja (Housing Office).

This is what our expats, their spouses and kids found out with success yesterday evening, at our Expat Potluck event held at NBI HQ at Blegdamsvej. All had made super culinary efforts to represent their culture by bringing delicious dishes from their own country, and vouching for the leftovers (literally none), this was a great success.

The evening had started with an eye-opening talk by Karen Hoby Skanning on how we experience living in Denmark, our cultural differences and common points, seen from different perspectives (professional, personal...), giving us the rationale, theory behind the process we go through as expats.