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Paula (Spouse)

Interview with spouse

Paula is 39 years old, a preschool teacher,  and originally from Argentina, but has prior to her arrival in  Denmark lived and worked in USA for a longer period.

What would be your best advice for another spouse coming to Denmark?

If they are coming for indefinite time, and if they can afford leaving in Copenhagen with just one salary, I would say that  it is best to study Danish full time, and dedicate the almost 2 two years that it requires. 

What is the greatest challenge in Denmark?

Learning the language, especially if you have to work and also have little kids. We do not speak danish, only our son does in our family.  Once he was born and then with two full time jobs, we did not have time to keep attending classes. We certainly hope to be able to return to our Danish language classes some time in the near future.

How did you manage to find your "own" life? And/or work life?

I was pregnant when we arrived to Denmark, and I slowly started to build a network of friends who also pregnant and that I met at childbirth class, then friends through the mother group organized by the “Kommune” (county), and later mothers that I met once my little boy started school. 

I am a teacher and I enjoy my job, so when our child started “Vuggestue” (kindergarten), I started looking for work at the International schools in town. I found a job as a Teaching Assistant and later got a job as a teacher. Finding the right job, took some patience, but I found a job that I love. 

How did you meet people?

We made lots of friends here, friends that we met through my husband's work, through mine, friends we made from my mother's group and some we made with other parents in Luka's "vuggestue" (kindergarten).


How is Denmark with children?

Denmark is a great place to raise children. There are many resources offered by the different “Kommuner” (county), from cultural activities geared for children, and many choices for childcare, to parks and wonderful libraries. Depending on where you come from, you will notice some differences with the healthcare when it comes to children, for example children are only seen by a pediatrician only if the family doctor considers it necessary. Over all our experience with our little son has been positive.

I started taking Danish classes when we first arrived to Denmark, but when our son was born I stopped, and have not had the time to return to classes so far.

Do you have a favorite spot in cph? 

We live in Frederiksberg, and we love the neighborhood. I love Frederiksberg Have, it is beautiful and peaceful, and as soon as you walk inside the gardens, you are surrounded by nature and you forget that you are still the middle of the city.