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Quantum Optics Seminar by Aref Rasoulzadeh Zali

19 May 2016 kl. 11:15

Si based Microring Resonator Photodetectors and Photonic Crystal Fano Lasers
Aref Rasoulzadeh Zali, DTU Read more

QDev Seminar: Marcelo Goffman

20 May 2016 kl. 13:15

Coherent manipulation of Andreev bound states in superconducting atomic-size contacts Read more

NBA History of Science Seminar

23 May 2016 kl. 14:15

Jeff Hughes, "'Winston’s Gestapo': Churchill, Bohr and Scientific Secrecy before the Bomb." Read more

HET-Discovery seminar by Jose No

23 May 2016 kl. 14:15

Shedding light on the new physics behind the LHC di-photon resonance Read more

QDev Seminar: Valerii Vinokur

25 May 2016 kl. 10:15

Dynamic Mott transition: experiment and theory Read more

HET-Discovery seminar by Donal O'Connell

26 May 2016 kl. 14:15

Classical squaring relations between gauge theory and gravity Read more

Quantum Optics Colloquium by Andreas Nunnenkamp

27 May 2016 kl. 13:00 Sharp

Quantum science and technology with cavity optomechanics
Andreas Nunnenkamp, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge Read more

Master´s thesis defense by Anissa Mohrath

30 May 2016 kl. 13:30

Seismic inversion is a key method to obtain high-resolution images of the subsurface. But inverting seismic data only for elastic properties is often not sufficient because the reservoir properties of interest are mainly lithologies, fluid saturation, porosity, and other rock physical quantities. Unfortunately, direct inference of reservoir properties is hampered by the difficulty of properly describing the link among seismic observables, elastic properties and reservoir rock properties such as ...
Read more

Space Day

31 May 2016 kl. 10:00

Space Day er en netværksdag for interessenter i rumforskning og rumteknologi i Danmark. Read more

John E. Niclasen Master's thesis defense

31 May 2016 kl. 13:15

John E. Niclasen will defend his Master's thesis "World and Science" on Tues., May 31, 2016 Read more

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