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Master's thesis defense by Mathias Engel

Title: Effective analysis for high content screening

Abstract: High Content Screening, HCS, is an imaging workflow for systematic
in-vitro cell experimentation.  With the help of a computer controlled
microscope and robotics it is now technically possible to image millions
of cells every day for a single scientist. This technology promises to
facilitate production of an exceptional amount of cell biology knowledge
based on rich spatial and temporal data. In spite of its wide use in both
the pharmaceutical industry and academic research, high throughput imaging
screens haves, in large, failed to deliver on the promise of deep new

Two new machine learning algorithms, founded on the idea of
modelling uncertainty and creating abstract representations, are
presented.  These algorithms are able to extract more useful information
from HCS data than what have been possible so far, and may set a precedent
for development of future methods.