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NBIA Colloquium: Albert Gjedde

I am pleased to announce the next NBIA Colloquium on 3 March, 2017, at 14.15 in Aud. A, Blegdamsvej 17.  The speaker will be Albert Gjedde, Professor of Neurobiology and Pharmacology at the University of Copenhagen.

"Learning by doing: Neuroimaging of sensation-seeking as learned behavioral addiction"

Abstract:  Imaging the brain allows us to study in detail the processes of different brain regions. I shall describe insights into sensation-seeking and addiction that can be obtained by these methods. I will cover the purported roles of dendritic spines, dopamine, glucose, and insulin, and I will present evidence of sensation-seeking as a form of addictive learning.

Professor Gjedde is an international authority in neuroscience and he has received many honors for his research.  He completed his medical degree at the University of Copenhagen in 1973, and after a period on the faculty at the University, he spent an extended period at McGill University in Montreal.  He returned to Denmark in 1993, first to the University of Aarhus and subsequently to his alma mater, where he headed the Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology.  He is very able at explaining complex matters in simple terms,  and in 2012 he received the Danish Research Council's prize for communication to a general audience. 

Refreshments will be served in the NBIA lounge after the talk.  All are welcome!