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PhD defense by Younes Baroji

Physical Characterization of Phospholipid nanotubes and the Effect of BAR Domain Proteins on their Mechanical Stability

Identifying the lipid nanotube radius (typically between 10 and 100 nm) by its persistence length and intensity is highly useful for understanding the role of membrane associated proteins (BAR (Bin-Amphiphysin-Rvs) domain proteins) in membrane remodeling; as these proteins play an important role in membrane remodeling, e.g. during the endocytosis process and filopodium formation. Here, the effect of three membranes of the BAR domain family was considered: the F-BAR, Arfaptin (classical BAR) and I-BAR. They all caused tubulation of membrane; however the effect of these proteins on the membrane can be different due to their structure and curvature.

Supervisor: Lene Oddershede