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NBIA Colloquium by Kelvin Richards

Turbulence in the Natural Environment   

Kelvin Richards

(University of Hawaii)

Turbulence in both the ocean and atmosphere is an important contributor to the mixing and transport of properties such as momentum, heat, salt and water vapour. In many situations turbulence is intermittent and patchy, making it difficult to sample the process and determine its impact. An exception is the Western Equatorial Pacific which proves to be an ideal natural laboratory for studying turbulence generated by shear flows. We shall show that observations there may be understood in terms of theory and numerical studies.  Finally, we shall discuss implications for El Niño and other large-scale interactions of the tropical ocean and atmosphere, as well as how better to incorporate the effects of turbulence into climate models.

Kelvin Richards received his Ph. D. degree in oceanography in 1978 from the University of Southampton.  After appointments at the University of Cambridge, the UK Institute of Oceanographic Sciences and the University of Southampton, in 2002 he became Professor of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii, where he now director of the International Pacific Research Center.   He is spending the period January-June 2015 at NBI.       

All are welcome! Refreshments will be served in the NBIA lounge after the talk.