NBIA Colloquium by Martin Bizzarro – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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NBIA Colloquium by Martin Bizzarro

Mass transport regimes in the solar protoplanetary disk - insights from meteorites and their components
Martin Bizzarro
(StarPlan - Centre for Star and Planet Formation, Natural History Museum of Denmark)
Chondrite meteorites (chondrites) are fragments of asteroids that did not undergo melting and differentiation and, thus, provide a record of the earliest stages of the solar protoplanetary disk. The dominant constituent of chondrites are millimeter-sized chondrules formed by transient heating events in the protoplanetary disk. Their sheer abundance in chondrites suggest that these solids represent the precursor material to planets. Thus, elucidating the timescales and formation regions of chondrules provide insights into the transport and recycling of material in the early stage of evolution of the solar protoplanetary disk and, by extension, the history of the material precursor to the terrestrial planets. In this talk, I will present new age and isotope data for chondrules from various chondrites and discuss how these results impact our understanding of mass transport mechanisms in protoplanetary disks.

All are welcome!  Refreshments will be served in the NBIA lounge after the talk.