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Masters Thesis defense by Callum Kift

Heat Flow in the Hot Blon - A New Class of Stationary Blackfolds

The advent of the blackfold approach has provided us with the necessary tools to study higher-dimensional black holes in thermal backgrounds. This method is used to study the thermal BIon, which is a D-brane and parallel anti-D-brane connected by a wormhole with F-string charge, in hot, flat space. We extend this configuration by introducing a non-trivial, radial boost along the brane. We find that our boosted system behaves qualitatively differently from both the ex- tremal and thermal BIon. In particular, we find that our configuration needs to be supported by heat baths, which the system transfers heat to and from. Another interesting find, is that the co-moving values transform inversely to their rest values, compared to systems with a symmetry along the velocity profile. This points towards a new class of stationary blackfolds.

We also find the novel feature of a phase transition, for which our configuration changes behaviour. This phase transition does not appear in the extremal or thermal BIon. For a given separation between the D- brane and anti-D-brane, when the system is below the phase transition there are three possible solutions, whereas above the transition there is a single possible solution.

Supervisor: Troels Harmark, Censor: Bengt E. W. Nilsson