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PhD defense by Tobias Pommer

Title: Real-time motion management of prostate cancer radiotherapy

Place: Auditorium B, Teliumbygningen, Rigshospitalet

Organizers: NBI and Rigshospitalet


Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men in Denmark. The proximity of the bladder and rectum and the fact that the prostate may move during the radiation delivery makes prostate radiotherapy a challenging task. The main aim of this thesis is to investigate real-time prostate motion management in a phantom as well as simulations studies using the novel dynamic multileafcollimator (DMLC) tracking method, which aligns the radiation beam to the prostate. We also attempted to model prostate motion and estimate the impact of uncompensated motion. The vast majority of prostate motion was found to have a small impact on the dose to the prostate. Finally, we found clear relationships between proposed radiotherapy plan complexity metrics and the agreement between delivered and calculated dose. Using such metrics is therefore potentially useful for predicting if plans are too complex for the dose calculation and delivery to be accurate.


Per Munch af Rosenschöld

Assessment committee:

Chair: Thomas Døssing


Mischa S. Hoogeman, Medical Cancer Institute, Rotterdam


Sven Bäck, Skåne University Hospital, Lund