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NBIA Colloquium by Peter Latham

Neuroscience from a physicist's perspective

Peter Latham

(University College London)

The brain is arguably the most complicated object we have ever studied. So complicated, in fact, that it isn't even clear what it is we want to know about it. Here I'll try to settle on a specific set of problems faced by both the neuroscientist studying the brain and the
brain itself, provide a sense of how hard they are, and point the way toward possible solutions. Along the way I'll provide background into what we know about the brain, and why standard physics approaches might not work so well. I'll end on an optimistic note, though: physicists do have much to contribute to neuroscience.

Peter Latham received his Ph. D. degree from UC Berkeley in 1985.  During the early part of his research career his interests lay in physics, and he studied and developed lasers and millimeter wave devices.  In 1995 he turned his interests towards neuroscience and he now investigates coding and computation in large populations of neurons, using techniques borrowed from dynamical systems, statistical physics, and machine learning.  In 2009 he was appointed to a professorship  in the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at University College London.

Refreshments will be available in the NBIA lounge after the talk.