Midterm colloquium by Mathilde Thorn Poulsen – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Midterm colloquium by Mathilde Thorn Poulsen

The construction of a dataset to analyse the variability in snow/ice and the resulting satellite observations.

When monitoring sea ice extent and thickness today, the cause for the major error source is variability in snow on top of the ice since it disturbs the signal to the satellite.
The task is therefore to investigate the possibilities of determining the extent and thickness and type of snow on sea ice.
In the project, a dataset will be constructed using the bouy data, GPS locations and timestamps as reference for collocating satellite data and NWP (numerical weather predictions) data from relevant sources.
By combining these different near-simultaneous data a unique dataset is obtained that can be used to analyze the variability in the physical parameters of the snow and ice and the resulting satellite observations.
By use of linear regression or optimal estimation to inverse the problem it is then the aim to use the satellite data to estimate the associated snow and ice parameters.

The Colloquium will be in Danish.

Supervisors: Carl Christian Tscherning, Eigil Kaas, Leif Toudal Pedersen