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Master´s thesis defense by Daniel Jurlander



When a cold upper level cut off low is isolated over the warm waters of the Mediterranean an environment of convective instability is developed. Within this area a small mesoscale tropical like phenomenon can develope.

I 2011 NOAA made a tropical classification of such a system called M01. Hindcast simulations in the state of the art WRF numerical weather model (version 3.4.1) has shown that these systems exhibit similarities with tropical cyclones. The WRF model has provided the opportunity for a very fine resolution (3 km grid spacing) giving a unique insight into the vertical structure of these systems.

From vertical profiles of equivalent potential temperature a warm core structure is evident. The vertical wind profile exhibits similarities with tropical cyclones with the strongest winds being located in the lowest part of the system.

The WRF model has shown that once fully developed these systems are strongly influenced by latent heat release. The WRF model has, as a part of the project, been implemented as a research tool on a server at the Niels Bohr Institute.