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Lecture by Lin-Mei Liang

The security loophole in real quantum cryptography system

Abstract: Quantum cryptography is secure based on quantum physics and one-time pad, but real quantum cryptography system consist of real optical and electrical equipments, and there exists security loophole in those real equipments. In order to obtain secure quantum cryptography system, it is necessary to examine those security loopholes.

We propose several attack and defense protocols with regard to the quantum key distribution (QKD) system which is encoded in discrete variable (DV) and continuous variable (CV) , including Passive Faraday mirror attack, Partially random phase attack, Single-photon-detector attack, Wavelength-selected PNS attack, Wavelength attack on CV-QKD with a heterodyne protocol etc.

Eve can make use of those security loopholes to obtain full secure key without being detected. Those attacks remind people to design more secure quantum cryptography system from the perspective of both the hardware and the software.