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PhD Thesis by Jeppe Juul

Spatial models and networks of living systems

The defence will consist of three parts:

Asymmetric cell division

When cells divide, they may distribute all damaged proteins, mitochondria etc. to one daughter cell, so the other is rejuvenated

Cyclic interactions

In some ecosystems three species invade each other cyclically. This ’rock-paper-scissors’ dynamics is stabi-lized by spatial structure.

Mobile phone network

People, who are friends, have similar communication patterns. More than what can be explained by similarities in demography

Supervisor: Joachim Mathiesen

Reception afterwards in the canteen, same address, around 4 o'clock
This time, I will give the PhD defence in the history of NBI with the LARGEST cake.

Freshmen, old hang-arounds, professors and people from the street: There will be enough for everyone.