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Entangled? Inaugural lecture by Matthias Christandl



Matthias Christandl, Professor of mathematical physics at MATH/UCPH, gives his inaugural lecture about entangled quantum particles 28 November 2014.

Professor Matthias ChristandlThe lecture takes place in Auditorium 4 (HCØ) at 14:00. It’s a double feature: After Christandl, Professor Niels Richard Hansen gives his inaugural lecture at 15:00, also in Auditorium 4.

After the two lectures, there is a reception at 16:00 in the E-building’s lunch room on the 4th floor (04.4.19).

Matthias Christandl writes about his lecture:


When quantum particles collide they can become entangled, that is, correlated so strongly their behavior defies our everyday experience. Einstein even spoke of this phenomenon as a "spooky action at a distance". Today, ever higher amounts of entanglement are produced in the race towards a quantum computer. But when are a bunch of particles entangled? Mathematically, entanglement is a simple consequence of the linearity of quantum theory. Shouldn´t it therefore be easy to answer this question?

The lecture will be in English.