Talk by Arnaud Beck, Laboratorie Leprince-Ringuet, Ècole Polytechnique – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Talk by Arnaud Beck, Laboratorie Leprince-Ringuet, Ècole Polytechnique

Petawatt laser pulse-driven plasma accelerators -- towards GeV electron acceleration experiments at the CILEX facilities

Laser-driven plasma-based accelerators are capable of supporting fields in excess of 100 GV/m accelerating electrons to GeV energies over only a couple of cm. This research field has now grown into a world wide research effort with several ongoing experimental programs.

The CILEX facility and its ultra-short Petawatt class laser Apollon-10P will soon be available in France. Even though the exact characteristics of the laser are not decided yet, good approximations of what its first shots will look like are now available. Appropriate Particle In Cell (PIC) simulations are used to understand the physical processes at work and how to produce a single, high energy, quasi-monoenergetic electron bunch with these given laser parameters.

Many applications of such high quality electron beams are considered. The most popular is probably the use of the accelerated electron bunch as an X-ray source. It is compact and the betatron radiation it delivers is collimated, incoherent and ultra-short making it a top candidate for studies of structural dynamics of matter or medical applications.

In my presentation I will cover the basics of the fully non linear regime of the laser driven plasma accelerator, the “bubble” regime, its associated betatron radiation and show the latest numerical investigations for the preparation of the CILEX facility.